Tips on Running + Owning a Physical Therapy Clinic

December 16th, 2020

Owning and running a successful private practice is no small feat. There are a number of things that go into ensuring that your practice runs smoothly and that your employees and patients are satisfied. At times, this can seem like a daunting task to take on alone, but there’s some good news! 


At PT Entrepreneur, we understand that owning a private practice is a big goal for you. We can help you to achieve those dreams, reach financial freedom from your debt, and find the independence you need to run a successful practice without being hindered by institutional exploitation. 

Request a consult today, and take the first steps toward gaining control of your life and career! In the meantime, we’ve put together a few tips on owning a physical therapy clinic. 

3 Pieces of Helpful Advice For Physical Therapy Clinic Owners 


  1. Develop a marketing plan. Marketing your practice directly to your demographic is not optional, it’s crucial. It’s so important for the people in your area to understand what services your clinic offers, and to know the benefits of coming to your clinic versus somewhere else. 


Marketing dollars are precious, and we know that! Instead of wasting funds with experimental ads, PT Entrepreneur can help you to identify your competition, develop a realistic marketing budget for you, and help to maximize the return to your investment.


  1.  Make sure your team runs like a well oiled machine. Nobody likes to call a clinic and receive bad customer service. It totally turns them off from taking the next step to get help for themselves by making an appointment. One of the most important aspects of a clinic is the eloquence in which patients are handled over the phone, email and in person. 


PT Entrepreneur will help create a plan for customer service for your staff to learn from. Treating your patients like clients instead of numbers will not only improve your reputation as an upstanding clinic, it can also increase word of mouth referrals.


  1. Establish a strong billing and collections system. As unfortunate as it is to say, the truth is that every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost due to incompetent staff and lack of oversight.  This is why it’s crucial that your clinic  collects payment on a timely basis so you remain in control of your long term investment. 

Remember, insurance companies main goal is to avoid paying you! PT Entrepreneur will work with your clinic to create a system of operations that will give you the capability to monitor its performance, billing, and collections.

Ready to run your practice like an expert?


Currently, we own and operate a very successful and profitable practice in North Dakota, which has its own unique challenges and benefits. Our experience has given us hands-on trial-and-error lessons regarding healthcare battle for survival and success. 

Owning your own practice is a big deal, and PT Entrepreneur can save you time and money by guiding you in the right direction, the first time around.  We have success with helping physical therapy clinic owners pave the road to reaching their goals, from blueprint visions to the grand opening of their clinic. So, what are you waiting for?

Request a consultation today, and allow the experts at PT Entrepreneur to help you to achieve your dream of owning a physical therapy clinic!

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