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Clinic Start-Ups


If you know that owning a private practice is what is next in your future, let us help you reach your dreams, and guide you to a point of financial freedom from debt, and to find independence to practice what you love without being held back by institutional exploitation. Request a consult today while you still have the fire in your spirit, and take charge of your life and career!

Here's What We Will Help You With:


Integration of your dream vision to reality is the biggest challenge that all private practice owners face in the initial stages of logistical planning.

PT Entrepreneur will set up an in-depth consultation with you and allow you to share your vision including name selection, location, budget, short term and long term goals. After establishing some realistic and obtainable goals, PTE will compile the business plan for you to follow step by step and pave the road to success.


PT Entrepreneur will help to facilitate the design of the clinic from a concept to an actual floor plan layout. It is crucial for your clinic to stand apart from the traditional open floor layout that dominates the current market. To ensure this we will work with you to achieve the best atmosphere that will set you apart and guarantee the road to success.


One of the biggest challenges in selecting the right location for your new private physical therapy practice is choosing the right landlord that is willing to work with you in your lease terms to protect your investment. PT Entrepreneur will work closely with your attorney to tailor the lease contractual agreement in order to protect your investment by covering all the key point scenarios that could arise during the term of the contract. Working with a tight budget is crucial to keep the overhead low during the initial growth stage of your business.


PT Entrepreneur will work with you to select the best equipment that would accommodate your clinic layout and make you stand out from the competition. It is very easy to lose track of your budget and that’s why we will only guide you select the equipment that can maximize your profitability while returning your investment in a reasonable period of time. Remember, sky is the limit in equipment and technology but if you can’t bill for it, then it doesn’t count.


PTE will conduct a market analysis to identify your competition and the need for your services in the geographical location of your choice. Based on the findings PTE will develop a realistic budget for you and the most effective avenues to invest in order to maximize the return to your investment. It is crucial for your local population to know the value of your practice and the services that you offer. So, instead of wasting funds on experimenting on what could work for advertising we will set you on the right path since day one.


After performing a detailed market analysis, PTE will identify your referral sources and create a networking plan that will establish these interpersonal relationships. If you live in a direct access state then we will guide you on how to access the population directly by bypassing the traditional referral sources.


One of the most important parts of a clinic is the eloquence in patients are handled over the phone, email and in person. PTE will help devise a Customer Service Protocol that will apply for your staff and your clinicians. Treating your patients like clients and not like numbers will guarantee return business and word of mouth referrals.


The weakness point for every clinic is billing and collections. Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost due to incompetent staff and lack of oversight. PTE will work closely with you to create a system of operations that will give you the capability to monitor its performance, billing, and collections. Remember the ultimate goal of the insurance companies to avoid paying for your hard work so it is crucial for you to collect on a timely fashion by keeping track and having control of what happens in you clinic to secure your long term investment.

Get started today while you still have the fire in your spirit, and take charge of your life and career!