physical therapy clinic make-over

Clinic Make-Overs


Are you a physical therapy practice owner that is ready to take your clinic to the next level? Request a consult now to see how we can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your practice, and devise a plan to help you correct any irregularities so your clinic can reach its full potential.

Here's What We Will Help You With:


PTE will perform a detailed site infrastructure analysis We will identify the strengths and weaknesses and share the findings with you. We will work closely with you to correct the irregularities and take your clinic to the next level for maximum success capability.


PTE will work closely with you to develop and implement realistic short and long-term goals based on the findings from the Clinic Analysis.

  • Step 1: Clinic Layout

    • PTE will provide guidance and present options to improve the floor layout and equipment positioning to maximize the visual appearance and flow of operations.
  • Step 2: Clinic Atmosphere Rejuvenation

    • In a high competitive market it is crucial to update the look of your clinic to reflect your vision and attract new patients. PTE will help you find the look and feel you want for your clinic, from colors, decor and equipment positioning.
  • Step 3: Assessment of Existing Equipment

    • PTE will help you in the selection of new equipment that maximizes functionality, space and improves the return on your investment.
  • Step 4: Staff Training

    • PTE will train your staff from the front desk personnel to back-office administration to ensure impeccable customer service skills as well as organizational skills from patient retention to successful billing and collections.
  • Step 5: Clinician Training

    • In addition to great clinical skills, it is crucial to ensure customer service skills that will ensure patient retention and word of mouth referrals. PTE will train your clinicians by improving effectiveness and eloquence of service delivery to maximize patient satisfaction.
  • Step 6: Networking

    • After performing a detailed market analysis, PTE will identify your referral sources and create a networking plan that will establish these interpersonal relationships. If you live in a direct access state then we will guide you on how to access the population directly by bypassing the traditional referral sources.
  • Step 7: Marketing

    • PTE will conduct a market analysis to identify your competition and the need for your services in the geographical location of your choice. Based on the findings PTE will develop a realistic budget for you and the most effective avenues to invest in order to maximize the return to your investment. It is crucial for your local population to know the value of your practice and the services that you offer. So, instead of wasting funds on experimenting on what could work for advertising we will set you on the right path since day one.
  • Step 8: Management

    • The weakness point for every clinic is billing and collections. Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost due to incompetent staff and lack of oversight. PTE will work closely with you to create a system of operations that will give you the capability to monitor its performance, billing, and collections. Remember the ultimate goal of the insurance companies to avoid paying for your hard work so it is crucial for you to collect on a timely fashion by keeping track and having control of what happens in you clinic to secure your long term investment.


PTE will monitor your performance up to a 3 year period to help you maintain your momentum and improvise the business plan according to growth changes.

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