PT Entrepreneur was founded in 2014, with the primary goal of HELPING YOU ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM of owning and operating your own private practice.

Through the trials and tribulations of working on our own, we have been forced to face and overcome some of the greatest obstacles of healthcare, such as hospital monopoly, Physician-owned practices, insurance rules and regulations, and the self-limiting practice act of the physical therapy profession itself. We proudly created and operated a profitable clinic in South Florida, which is arguably one of the most difficult markets in the US, riddled with corruption, referral monopolies, low fee schedules, and a weak practice act.

Currently, we own and operate a very successful and profitable practice in North Dakota, which has its own unique challenges and benefits. Our experience has given us hands-on trial-and-error lessons in the front trenches of the healthcare battle for survival and success.

We are confident that we can guide you the right way – the first time around – and pave the road to success by facilitating the process from the origin of the blueprint vision to the grand opening of your practice. However, owning your own practice is more akin to a marathon than a sprint, and we will be able to mentor you along the way to maintain the momentum of success.

If you know that owning a private practice is what is next in your future, let us help you reach your dreams, and guide you to a point of financial freedom from debt, and to find independence to practice what you love without being held back by institutional exploitation. Call today while you still have the fire in your spirit, and take charge of your life and career!